Hungarton Camp

Hungarton Camp Dates 2022



For current school years 10 - 13
Saturday 16th July – Friday 22nd July


For current school years 7 - 9
Saturday 30th July – Friday 5th August


For current school years 4 - 6
Monday 8th August – Saturday 13th August


We no longer run bookings on a first-come first-served basis. Instead from 3rd January 2022 the website is open to register your interest in Hungarton Camp.


We will open for bookings on 1st March 2022 for successful registrations.


From 1st - 15th March a deposit or full payment must be paid to confirm the booking. After this time, if a deposit is not paid the place may be lost. Applications may still be made after 1st March but could experience delay in booking confirmation.